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Snow Tha Product

Hip-Hop | R&B | Rap
San Diego, CA

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Snow Tha Product Logo:
Picture: Snow Tha Product Logo: Hip-Hop R&B Rap band from San Diego, CA

Snow Tha Product Description/Bio:
Despite the fact that radio is becoming a monotonous cycle of pointless songs, and one hit wonders, there is a glimpse of hope that maybe Hip Hop is not dead after all. “They just are not looking for a girl like me, they want a girl that does what she is told, dress this way, do what they say, that’s not me, I represent the girls with a brain. Now when they start looking for them type of girls… I’ll be right here still on my grind.” Claudia shrugs and smiles. However, deep inside this young Latina has a dream of one day getting the recognition she deserves. Born June 24, 1987, in San Jose California, Claudia was a hyperactive, creative child from the day she took her first step. Using a hairbrush as a microphone, and stuffed animals as an audience young Claudia was destined to be a performer. At the age 3 she began singing for friends and family, and by the age of 6 she was entering school talent shows, and singing with her grandfathers mariachi band in Redwood City Ca. However it was not until moving to San Diego that Claudia was finally allowed to listen to hip hop, and from the first moment she heard the unforgettable lyrics of the Notorious B.I.G, it was inevitable, this style of music would become her life. Now known as "Snow Tha Product", this focused CEO has been driven to make her own way. With the formation of her company Product Entertainment LLC, she endeavors to reach people through music. Her drive is contagious and inspires all who are able to see music and life the way she does. Along the way there have been trials with different producers, whom have tried to restrain her talent, nevertheless, she ignores the haters and continues to rely on her own strength to find avenues of creating her own success. She shuts down all negativity when she lights up the stage leaving the crowd stunned, craving for more. Snow has reputation of being critiqued before even opening her mouth. Her blunt, straightforward attitude to life is the driving force to her lyrics and lets you know exactly what she's all about. Some may misinterpret her lyrics and label her as being a feminist because of her ability to "flip the script" and deliver lyrics in an aggressive manner. However her versatility allows her to get her point across and still make everyone dance. Her goal is to simply create music with substance that people can relate to and still have fun with. The perfect blend of Bay area swagger, Midwest flow, Dirty South beats, and East coast influences, ensure Snow to be a Force to be reckoned with in hip hop today.
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